Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet
Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet - Black - Charm Bracelet

Art · Simple Rainbow Bracelet


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The rainbow bracelet in Art · Simple Collection is capturing the best moment while you with beloved friends and peoples in simply design jewelry!

A colorful charms bracelet is a statement shows your best charm through designing your own piece. We are proud to present 12 color of artistic millefiori charms with 6 colors of leather bracelet, while perfectly expressing your versatile colors as well as simplicity.

  • Minimalist design, subtly elegant.
  • Mix and match freely on your own style.
  • Bringing art into everyday life.
  • Showcases subtle sophistication even in casual settings.

Bracelet includes

  • Millefiori Charm x 9pcs
  • Braided Leather Bracelet x 1pc
  • Charm Stoppers x 2pcs

Bracelet Size

Size Appropriates for For wrist size
Extra Large Common men wrist size 17cm and 19.4cm
Common women and
men wrist size
15cm and 17.4cm
Medium Thinner women wrist size 13cm and 15.4cm

Reference Wrist Size
Women wrist between 14.2cm and 17.4cm
Men wrist between 17.0cm and 19.3cm

*The exact color and pattern placement are completely random with no two ever exactly alike.

Millefiori Charm: Approximately 15.0 to 16.5mm in diameter and hole Size is 4.5mm in diameter.

Braided Leather Bracelet
Cord Width: 3mm
(Leather bracelet made with 2cm adjustable chain)

Charm: Millefiori Murano Glass, 925 Sterling Silver
Bracelet: Genuine Leather,925 Sterling Silver


Art simple charm size for reference


Gift Packing

Black color symbolism always represent mystery, authority, power and elegance.

White color symbolism represent pure, goodness, truth, innovation and positive.

Clean color always represent open minded, honest, simple and acceptable.

Cobalt Blue
Cobalt blue color is soothing and peaceful. In the world of art, cobalt blue was used by Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh.

Clear Blue
Clear Blue calls Ocean Blue, Most of its positive associations come from nature or landscapes that cause positive feelings in us.

Aqua is refreshing and uplifting. The color of aqua represent balanced, peaceful and energy. It is creative and light-hearted, also stands for inner peace and serenity with sun and sea.

Light Blue
Light blue is a peaceful, calming color. According to color psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability.

The color of sensitivity, pink is the combination of the passion of red and the purity of white. Pink is associated with love, tranquility, and femininity.

Yellow is a compelling and optimistic color that conveys youthful and fresh energy. The color of sunshine is yellow, which is uplifting and illuminating.

Green is the main color of growth and health. This is because of the color’s close association with nature. Green means renewal and life throughout the globe.

Purple is full of imagination, spirituality and encouraging magical color. Purple is associated with the royalty, wisdom, creativity and mystery with its uplifting spirit and undeniable beauty, purple entices with ease.

Passion and drama. Red is associated with the strongest of passion, love and desire. Red is universally understood to signify courage, power and strength.

The 2.5cm adjustable chain gives a flexibility
to adjust the length of bracelet. All beads strung on a premium stainless steel wire with 40lbs strength test.


Adjustable Chain Design Bracelet

Clasp Options

Two clasp styles fit your preference.

Bracelet Clasp Options




Initial Charm


Pink Charm Purple Bracelet for Women

Promoting everyday Minimalism & Simplicity!

Art · Simple Collection

All the pieces from this collection are the perfect blend of Art and Simplicity,
making them magnificent for the
Art-Loving-Elegant Souls.

Why people buy
  • Liking handcrafted items,
    especially handmade in Italy, is worth it!
  • Can choose favorite colors and
    combinations by myself.
  • Simple yet distinctive, not too ornate.
  • Minimal yet
    distinctive colors and patterns.
  • Anyone can comfortably wear and style it.

Can I choose the exact piece when i place an order online?

Yes. Please make remark "Choose the exact item" during placing order.

We will send photos to you via WhatsApp or Email and you can choose from the in-stock items.

*If there is no WhatsApp or we cannot contact you within 24 hours, we will pick a more balanced item from the in-stock to ship out.

When will my order send out?

Next working day.
Generally, all order will be sent out at the next day after received order.

How much is the shipping fee?

Worldwide (US / UK / Europe / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore)

  • Start at USD12.50 via Registered Airmail.
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Hong Kong
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Estimated time information

If the size and length does not fit, can i exchange?

Yes, please notify and return to us within 30days after received items.

If the style does not i like, can i exchange for another item?

Yes, customer can exchange for the same value, or pay the price difference to exchange for other styles (if needed).

What if I accidentally broke the art glass, is there any warranty or maintenance?

Yes, don't worry!
All regular priced of our glass jewelry products have a 1-year "Free 1 on 1 Replacement", and discounted or promotional products have 3 months.

One on One Free Replacement