How to choose a bracelet?

When choosing a bracelet for yourself or others, bangles, leather bracelets, and beaded bracelets are all great options.

Here are their differences and benefits:

Choosing by Types

Beaded Bracelet

A beaded bracelet consists of a high-tensile steel wire and handcrafted art glass.

Benefit: This style of bracelet can be delicate, gorgeous with high fashion value and suitable for various occasions.

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Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelet creates a casual yet elegant feel. They have a natural texture and add a casual chicness to appearance.

Benefit: This style is suitable for daily wear and style to match different outfits.

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Cuff Bangle

A bangle is a simple accessory that can be slipped directly onto the wrist without clasps.

Benefit: Bangles are simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions and outfits. Metal bangles usually have higher durability.

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Choosing by Color

When choosing the color of a right bracelet or bracelet gift, you need to consider the style and preferences.

Here are the differences and advantages:

Blue Bracelet

Blue bracelets suit people who prefer
low-key elegance and a simple style.

Suitable for: Blue is a mature and low-key color that can make people look elegant with style.

If she/he likes blue or often wears blue clothes, then a blue bracelet may be a very good choice.

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Multicolor Bracelet

Colorful bracelets suit people who like vibrant,
passionate and stylish designs.

Suitable for: Colorful bracelets have a variety of colors and a lively atmosphere that can
bring a bright touch to life.

If she/he likes to wear colorful clothes or likes to
express her/his own style, a colorful bracelet may be an excellent choice.

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Black Bracelet

Black bracelets suit stylish men or women who like
simplicity and modern style.

Suitable for:
This color bracelet usually has a
low-key luxurious feel, mature, introverted people.

In addition, this limited edition antique bracelet is suitable for those with a unique pursuit of art, history,
and distinctive tastes.

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