Process of making millefiori
with over 1,200 history
Process of making millefiori

The technique and process of making Millefiori Glass have not changed, and every bead is completely handcrafted by artisans in Murano, Italy.

The process

Shape and form

Millefiori Glass is made by glass canes. The origin of the canes is from Italy, despite their plain exterior look, however, its interior look has versatile patterns including floral, star, heart and geometric patterns.

Created by Molds

The patterns are created using molds that are made from canes. On the end of a steel pole, it is dipped into a glass mixture made from different colors. After each dipping, a multi-colors layered sphere is formed.

The cane

The rod is then cut up into the desired size that results in Millefiori Beads. When the beads are still in semi-liquid state, they are placed into furnace to create a smoother surface and to reach other desired effects.