Value of vintage millefiori

Jewelry with stories told
is most fascinate and entrance.

The treasure
Family Heirloom

In the past, only wealthy families or nobility in Italy could afford millefiori glass, as heirlooms handed down through generations.

Up until today, millefiori glass has become world-renowned works of art for collectors.

You can find it
as decor in the homes of the wealthy,
as designer chandeliers in living rooms, and
even as art sculptures in top hotels.

Its presence is unmistakable.

Origin of Brilliance

Millefiori is the Italian glasswork techniques which
handmade by artisans with 1,200 years history. The first time appeared in the 8th century.

For many years,
Millefiori Beads equal Mosaic Beads.

Legendary Craftsmanship

Millefiori Murano Glass is made exclusively on the island of Murano, which is located within the borders of the Northern Italy city of Venice.

Artisans had to go through many years making
Millefiori Murano Glass as apprentices.
The reason is that making it requires a high level of skill and patience as they are all handmade.

Rare and Collectable

From 1900's until now,
the number of professional glassmakers in Murano
has dropped from around 6,000 to less than 1,000.

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The old bead was made 1925 (7:10)