Legend Collection

The Legend collection showcases priceless heirloom jewelry 
brimming with history and timeless value.
Each wearable art is meticulously handcrafted from 
over 30-year-old vintage millefiori unearthed worldwide,
making for an exceptionally limited collection.

With an eternal black and refined silver palette,
these uncommon statement pieces epitomize understated 
glamor and remain most coveted among fans of
classical opulence. 


      The 1st limited edition

      Our Limited Edition takes you through
      a magical journey to the jewelry made with
      exclusive antique Millefiori beads,
      which are more valuable and exquisite than today.

      Limited Edition

      Using over 30-year-old vintage Millefiori glass, this dreamy antique grade jewelry has limited availability.

      Great Value

      Each limited edition piece contains
      irreplicable history and craftsmanship.

      The Rarest Finds
      Unmatched Piece

      Only 20% of sourced old bead makes the cut, making them rare collectable pieces.