About Alva and Passion

We believe that even the pieces of flawless and elegant jewelry is incomplete without involving art into it.


We promote art in a piece jewelry and create a world to women with full of confident and graceful.


Alva And Passion is reinventing a fashion approach to artistic jewelry that highlight women’s personality and bring out her best features through incorporating the magnificent Italian art glass in every piece of handmade jewelry.


Every jewelry piece here is handcrafted with ingenuity, love, and our great passion to make you the spotlight of wherever you’re headed.

Name of Brand

  • "Alva" means is a unisex given name, but always with the impression with attractive, elegant, sense of art and intelligence.
  • "And" means join two things together and the connection between
  • "Passion" means the strong and barely emotion and motivation

Alva and Passion is an enthusiasm attitude and passionate in creating things in attractive, elegant and artistic for women.

The KISS Collection Bracelet for Women

The Story

How we start

Original Design by Artistic Jewelry Brand - Alva And Passion

First meet in 2009

Since 2009, the founder of Alva And Passion first met the colorful Italian glass, Millefiori. He was deeply impressed by its elegance and exquisite pattern.

The founder EdH is a color and art lover since he was young age. He passionate about art, creation with excellent craftsmanship and art element. After that, the memory of the glass in his mind is never gone.

Original Design Button Cover by Artistic Jewelry Brand - Alva And Passion

1st Original Creation

Since 2009, he began to design and make his first Alva and Passion products, original Millefiori Button Cover with was first created.

In the summer of 2013, over four years of creativity and artistic flair, the brand Alva and Passion was born and its exceptional story begins.

Mustache Brand by Artistic Glass Jewelry - Alva And Passion's Old Logo

The brand is born

The brand Alva and Passion was finally establish in 2014. The brand specializes in designing products with unique character and spectacular color, assuring that our jewelrys are worth cherishing and the most artistic.

Together, the brand’s signature logo charm designed in mustache shape embodies the brand’s attitude of uniqueness.

Banner Bar Artistic Jewelry Brand by Alva And Passion


First concept store

Alva And Passion established the first concept store in shopping mall (Olympian City 2) on 5th July, 2016. We started to share our exquisite artistic creations to who loves art and jewelry.

Retail Store of Artistic Jewelry Brand

2016 New Released

Picasso Glass Sculpture by Alva And Passion

Picasso Inspired Sculpture Collection

We lunached an exclusive art glass collection which inspired by Pablo Picasso's creation and completely handcrafted by Italian glass master Badioli.

Legend Bracelet Collection made of vintage millefiori beads

The First Limited Edition

Legend Collection is the first limited edition on vintage millefiori, we glad to present this unprecedented collection since 2016.

3 years later, 100 peices of this collection has been sold successfully.

Extend to major tourist area.

Our store was moved to the most major tourist area in Hong Kong and share our passion and creation to everyone. We bring art to everyone in life.

Retail Store of Artistic Jewelry Brand
Retail Art Jewelry Shop by Artistic Jewelry Brand - Alva And Passion
over 700 ftq

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