About Alva and Passion

How we start?


Art is… washing the dust of daily life off our souls. - Pablo Picasso

Jewelry has… always made people feel beautiful and confident. Jewelry has a power to highlight our character and bring out the best features. It can empower us to stand out from the crowd or simply feel gorgeous.

I think this is the reason why we desire to “Bringing Art to Jewelry” and creating Alva and Passion to refine art-piece jewelry.


We promote art in a piece jewelry and create a world to women with full of confident and graceful.


Alva and Passion is reinventing a fashion approach to artistic jewelry that highlight women’s personality and bring out her best features through incorporating the magnificent Italian art glass in every piece of handmade jewelry.


We believe that even the pieces of flawless and elegant jewelry is incomplete without involving art into it. Hence, every jewelry piece here is handcrafted with ingenuity, love, and our great passion to make you the spotlight of wherever you’re headed.

Name of Brand

  • "Alva" means is a unisex given name, but always with the impression with attractive, elegant, sense of art and intelligence.
  • "And" means join two things together and the connection between
  • "Passion" means the strong and barely emotion and motivation

Alva and Passion is an enthusiasm attitude and passionate in creating things in attractive, elegant and artistic for women.