We are incorporating the magnificent Italian art glass in every piece of handmade jewelry.
      96 products

      96 products

      How to choose a prefect gift?

      You can understand a receiver's preferences through the following points:

      1. Understand their interests and observe what they
        likes and what interests them in daily life.

      2. Pay attention to their dressing style and color.

      3. Observe the jewelry types they usually wear and
        choose gifts of a similar style.

      Bracelets Are Like Ferris Wheels

      Alva and Passion's bracelets resemble vibrant ferris wheels – filled with joy and memories, clasped around your wrist as magical charms exhibiting confidence and power.

      These hand-crafted pieces incorporate rainbow colors brimming with blessings. Through exquisite craftsmanship, they become your "Wheels of Bliss" - unleashing personality and allure with diverse hues.

      Alva and Passion's carnival rides for your wrist sparkle wonderfully as they showcase your distinctive charm!!

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