Earrings Guide

earrings guide and tips for women

Basic earrings guide and tips

Earrings make a small gift because they are always come with affordable piece for everyone, but it can be a surprise her and makes her day. She may not suit the bracelet at all situations, but she's almost always wearing earrings.
Most earring styles suit for anything, adding style or elegance to anything she wears. The wide variety of earring types, sizes, and prices available makes it easy to find the perfect pair for a gift. She'll remember you every time she wears them.



Match with face shape

One major thing to consider when looking for earrings that will look great on you is your face shape. Earrings can make your face look thin, wide, long, or fat, depending on the shape of your face.


For who has round-faced ladies have their widest face area at the cheekbones with no taper the chin. To slim this up, avoid large, circular earrings, hoops, and button studs that will only emphasize the round shape.

To balance it, choose long dangling earrings. You may also look cascading earrings.



For who has wide, square jaws, you can soften it with earrings that have round edges. Choose oval and circular earrings like hoops.

Large hoop earrings look really fabulous and flattering for square-faced gals. Stay away from square or diamond-shaped earrings.



For who has long and thin face, choose earrings that will de-emphasize length. Go for clustered earrings, short dangle earrings, hoops and studs. It can also help widen the face.

But if you like long dangle earrings, look for styles that have a round shape incorporated into them.



Consider skin tone

As with wearing lipstick and wearing clothes, you have to consider your skin tone as well when choosing metallic earrings.

Earrings tips for warm skin tone

Warm skin tone

If you have warm undertones in your skin, this means golds and copper metals look good on you. Our gold foiled earrings would be a nice choice to you.

Earrings tips for cold skin tone

Cold skin tone

If you have blue or pink undertones, then you’re fine with silver and pewter hues. Our silver foiled earrings would be a nice choice to you.



Earrings for hair styles

Styling your earrings to match your hair do will make or break your look. Earrings are great at drawing attention to your face, but they must also contrast with the hair.

Earrings tips for long hair style

Long Hair

When you wear your hair down, it can hide any earrings you wear. If you’re going for an everyday look, a pair of stud earrings can suffice. If you want a more striking effect, a pair of gemstones, especially sparkly ones, will get noticed more.

Multiple ear piercings with a minimalist ensemble of tiny studs also work great, especially if you use studs in the same metal hue. Matching the metals will keep your look from appearing too busy.

Earrings tips for high bun style

High bun

When you wear your hair in a bun or an updo, you will free up space from your ear to shoulders, so any earring you wear can be visible. To make a statement, pick a pair of earrings that will look pretty from all angles, so your outfit will look good from front to back.

Long dangling earrings are the perfect accessory for the high bun hairstyle. Hoops are another good choice.

Earrings tips for short hair style

Short Hair

Short-haired women can look fantastic with earrings, as the hair will less likely distract from the ears. With a pixie haircut, earring jackets and ear cuffs can look striking. Getting a statement ear crawler can add an edgy and fresh look.

Take note that earring cuffs with a single color are a great choice to give a classy eye-catching look, rather than going for multi-colored items. Diamonds and crystals are great to consider if you want a statement cuff earring.

Earrings tips for shoulder length hair

Shoulder-length hair

A shoulder-length hair creates a definite line across the shoulders. This will give you a reference point as to how big or how long your earrings can be.

The ideal pair of earrings for shoulder-length hairstyles are those with shape and make a bit of a statement. It can be colorful and large, but make sure it won’t be longer than your hair. Avoid long and thin dangling earrings because it may only end up getting lost in your hair.