Blue Cross Necklace for Men by Artistic Jewelry Brand

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      Alva And Passion believe that even the pieces of flawless and elegant jewelry is incomplete without art. We bring art to fashion jewelry.
      22 products

      22 products


      have long been possessions
      for the privileged few to own.
      Because its ...

      Uniqueness and Exquisite

      Special Edition Bracelet for Men


      Alva And Passion strives to revolutionize this tradition by "Bringing Art To Jewelry".

      We are reinventing fashion approach
      through incorporating the magnificent Italian art glass
      in our handmade jewelry.


      Blue gift choices usually give a calm and elegant feel, suitable for men who like low-key, classic styles.

      The advantages of blue is that the color is low-key and easy on the eyes, easy to match with other colors, and suitable for daily use.

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      Black gift choices usually give an elegant feel, suitable for men who like simplicity and modern style.

      The advantages of black is that the color is low-key luxurious feel such as black with gold, suitable for mature, introverted people.

      Black jewelries are also fitting for those who like to wear black, white, or any colorful clothes, because they can blend in well with these colored outfits.

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      Add colors to your life

      Colorful and Stylish

      Artylish is a fashionable collection full of artistic colors.

      Why Artylish suits him?
      Colorful jewelries choices usually have a stronger personality and fashion sense, colorful accessories can inject them with positive energy in daily life.

      This collection is perfect for:

      • Those who love colorful outfits and items.
      • Appreciate artistic designs and styles.
      • Passionate and stylish outlook.

      If he enjoys trendy clothing and frequently sports vibrant-colored pieces, this artistically fashionable collection is undoubtedly the perfect gift.

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      We all love to gifts

      How does one choose a surprising gift that delights?

      Select something exemplifying these traits
      to showcase thoughtfulness.

      Handcrafted Items

      Exuding an inexplicable allure, the wares contain not just the warmth of the artisan,
      but matchless uniqueness and inimitability.

      Handmade goods are often the consummate gift choice.

      Frequently Worn Adornments

      Viewing the adornments daily serves
      as a reminder of you. Upon receiving compliments on a beloved keepsake, your memory perseveres.

      Why not select a most superlative piece for him/her?

      Joy-Imparting Gifts

      Opt for vibrant, cheerful hues – linking you to felicity, reminding the recipient you are their glee's fountainhead.

      How to choose a prefect gift?

      The appropriate gift should be chosen based on his preferences.

      1. Understand his interests
      2. Pay attention to their outfit style
      3. Observe the accessory they wear

        If you are still unsure about his preferences, you can select some classic styles, such as blue or black colors, etc.
        These styles are usually suitable for most male.