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      22 products

      22 products

      Jewelry Make You Special

      The shape and value amaze, while the charm gives birth to inner confidence.

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      Bracelet is a statement

      Bracelet is like a biography, a story that tells the many chapters of your life.

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      The art of glass making
      Handcrafted with history


      Craftsmanship is an art.

      Gold Charm Bracelet by Artistic Jewelry Brand - Alva And Passion
      Magnificent Italian art glass



      Genuine Italian design and made product. I bought one before in Italy and great to find Alva and Passion in hk. The service is really great and my wife love it.

      HhAlex IP

      Nice staff and explanation in detail!

      Hong Kong

      The first product I purchase from Alva , thanks for Ms Fan , she offers a very high standard of customer service, and explain in details about the product that I might encounter.

      Wendy Lie
      Hong Kong

      Very nice service, products so beautiful, l like it !

      Alai Eric

      Unique product, very good service attitude!!

      Ada Pun
      Hong Kong

      Very good service!! The product quality is very nice too!

      Emily Ng
      Hong Kong