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Vase Pendant


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Alva And Passion strives to
"Bringing Art To Jewelry".
We are reinventing fashion approach through incorporating the craftsmanship in our jewelry.

Wearable Art Collection

We believe that
even the pieces of flawless jewelry is incomplete without involving art and craftsmanship into it.

Starry Night Collection

Inspired by Van Gogh's master piece "Starry Night"
Wearing Starry Night with you.

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The Kiss Collection

Inspired by world famous art piece "The Kiss"
Wearing our handmade wearable art everyday.

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Limited Edition

Most of valuable old beads were made
between 1920's and 1980's in this exclusive series

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Unique and special
OO Special Collection

This special item is made with Aventurine glass bead with exceptional craftsmanship.

The exclusive handcrafted bead in this edition is featuring its gorgeous color, such as 24K yellow gold foil, white gold foil and aventurine glass special shiny.



Genuine Italian design and made product. I bought one before in Italy and great to find Alva and Passion in hk. The service is really great and my wife love it.

HhAlex IP

Nice staff and explanation in detail!

Hong Kong

The first product I purchase from Alva , thanks for Ms Fan , she offers a very high standard of customer service, and explain in details about the product that I might encounter.

Wendy Lie
Hong Kong

Very nice service, products so beautiful, l like it !

Alai Eric

Unique product, very good service attitude!!

Ada Pun
Hong Kong

Very good service!! The product quality is very nice too!

Emily Ng
Hong Kong

Very good service!! The product quality is very nice too!

Emily Ng
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