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Bringing statement to bracelet
Your Statement

The meaning of bracelet is a statement and showing your unique character, faith and belief in life.

      Bracelet tells a story with out even a single word. We believe that even the pieces of flawless and bracelet jewelry is incomplete without involving art into it.
      31 products

      31 products

      Bracelets Are Like Ferris Wheels

      Alva and Passion's bracelets resemble vibrant ferris wheels – filled with joy and memories, clasped around your wrist as magical charms exhibiting confidence and power.

      These hand-crafted pieces incorporate rainbow colors brimming with blessings. Through exquisite craftsmanship, they become your "Wheels of Bliss" - unleashing personality and allure with diverse hues.

      Alva and Passion's carnival rides for your wrist sparkle wonderfully as they showcase your distinctive charm!!

      Bracelet Tips
      How to choose bracelet?

      When choosing a bracelet for yourself or as a gift, you need to consider the style, color and preferences.