Artylish Collection Art and Stylish by Alva And Passion Artylish Collection Art and Stylish by Alva And Passion

Artylish Collection

is a perfect mixture of Art & Stylish – as the name tells.

A vibrant artistic colors blend into stylish jewelry.

This collection feature vibrant artistic colors symbolizes passion, hope and energy.
Each unique fashion jewelry allows you to grab attention instantly and showcases charm and confidence, Artylish unleashes visual brilliance.


      Bracelets Are Like Ferris Wheels

      Alva and Passion's bracelets resemble vibrant ferris wheels – filled with joy and memories, clasped around your wrist as magical charms exhibiting confidence and power.

      These hand-crafted pieces incorporate rainbow colors brimming with blessings. Through exquisite craftsmanship, they become your "Wheels of Bliss" - unleashing personality and allure with diverse hues.

      Alva and Passion's carnival rides for your wrist sparkle wonderfully as they showcase your distinctive charm!!

      Color your day
      Vibrant Colors

      Accessories inspire confidence. Bright colors uplift moods.

      Effortless Beauty
      Easy to Match

      Eye-catching designs, effortless pieces to complement outfits and occasions.


      Fusing fashionable design in handmade jewelry through Italian craftsmanship, not copies.


      Multicolor is associated with full of passion, energy, hope and joy.