Handmade White Murano Charm

White Murano Charm in Millefiori
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Murano Charm Series

The main background color of this handmade white murano charm is its white. In order to create this series of Murano Charm, we applied the traditional glassmaking method with excellent craftsmanship. The unique design and Millefiori patterns are created from different slice of Murrine Canes.

This white charm for bracelet fit to most pandora's or trollbeads's bracelet and bangle. We also have necklace and bracelet set for our murano charms.

Charm Size

Approximately 15.0 to 16.5mm in diameter and hole Size is 4.5mm in diameter.

*The exact color and placement of the slices of glass pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.