Starry Night Pendant in Blue and Silver

Starry Night Blue Pendant by Starry Night Inspired Jewelry
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Description Starry Night Inspired Jewelry Necklace Length Sample

About Starry Night Pendant

This amazing Starry Night Pendant is featuring silver foil and starry night themed blue, starry night pendant appropriate for women. It was handmade by authentic Murano Glass in Murano, Italy. This attractive shining silver and blue pendant with lovely blue and starry night paint art themed colors is adorable for your beloved or the one you are care.

Starry Night Pendant Size

Approximately 46mm in diameter. It's about 4.5mm thick and 9mm in height. (The hole is approximately 5mm.)
Made in Italy.

Nappa Flat Cord Necklace

Width 4mm / 3mm Nappa Leather Cord Necklace
Color Black (4mm / 3mm), Brown (4mm)
Size Small Size (S) About 20.5" + 2" inch adjustable chain (20.5" + 2")
Medium Size (M) About 24.5" + 2" inch adjustable chain (24.5" + 2")
Large Size (L) About 28.5" + 2" inch adjustable chain (28.5" + 2")

*The exact Length of flat nappa cord necklace will be reduced 2" inch after string on the pendant.

Recommendations on Necklace Length

The most common length and size for this pendant is Medium Size (24.5" + 2") or Small Size (20.5" + 2").

*The exact color and placement of the slices of glass pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.

Starry Night Jewelry Collection

Starry Night Inspired Jewelry

The Starry Night Jewelry series is inspired by a world famous painting in 1889 - Van Gogh. The world-famous Port-Impressionist painter with its unique painting arts. In order to create this series, different blue themed pattern of sliced murano millefiori glass are the themes used in designing this incredible collection. Every sliced glass like a short story of life. It was foiled in one life - A amazing Starry Night Necklace Jewelry.

This starry night pendant with slices of blue themed italian millefiori glass canes and adding silver foil were fused in the shape of a curved round. These pendants are slumped after the fusing to give them slightly curved shape which helps hold the pendant close to the body and sits on the cord nicely. This pendant is come with nappa or sheepskin (3mm or 4mm) flat cord necklace with 2" inch adjustable chain at the end of necklace and findings (925 sterling silver). This beautiful piece of Artistic Handmade Glass accessory is a great addition to your collection.

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Necklace Length Sample

Womens Necklace Length 20 inch 24 inch 20 inch
The common necklace length for women with large pendant is 24" inch