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Warranty and Repair

Product Care

Small Booklet Brand Introduction
Product Care

Care Instructions on Millefiori Murano Glass

All Glass and 925 sterling silver become worn with use.

Customers should remove their jewelry before going to showering, washing hands or participating in physical activity. Your jewelry must not be exposed to water or chlorine. Always try to prevent your glass and 925 sterling silver products from being exposed to water and cleaning agents.

How to clean your jewelry

All glass products require delicate handling and cleaning, it is generally quite durable. Remember to wipe your glass items with a clean, lint-free cloth periodically. Wear your glass items with care and prevent them from colliding with hard objects. Protect your glass items from colliding with hard objects or falling on the floor, as some items may break into pieces that can cause injury.


  • Keep your glass items out of reach of children, infants and pets, store the glass items safely.
  • Do not use to clean any Millefiori Murano Glass products, as cleaning solution or its residue may damage your Millefiori Murano Glass products.
  • Do not wash your Millefiori Murano Glass products in dishwasher or washing machine, as none of the Millefiori Murano Glass products are dishwasher or washing machine safe.
Cleaning Millefiori Murano Glass
      soak the lint-free cloth with a small quantity of clean water.
      remove the dirt on Millefiori Murano Glass products gently.

Warranty and Repair

Jewellery Warranty and Repair Service
Warranty and Repair

All Millefiori Murano Glass items purchase from Alva and Passion can enjoy 12 month limited warranty and repair service (12 month warranty from the date of purchase). However, all glass damage is not covered. All warranty and repair services should be according to the following terms and conditions:

Limited Warranty and Repair Service

  • Bracelet
    All wire, crystals, metal findings (Metal made), our brand moustache icon charm and limited 925 sterling silver findings (Wire protector, open ring, endcap) can be included in the "Limited Warranty and Repair Service". All Warranty and Repair Service does not include any glass damages (Millefiori Murano Glass) or 925 sterling silver findings.

Product Repair


All Alva and Passion's bracelets come with 15 month basic repair and warranty services.
The repair and warranty services include:

Basic Repair Service

(within warranty period)

include: Toggle clasp replacement, wire replacement or bracelet other findings (metal ring, extension connector or other findings, etc.)
*Please be noted, all glasses and 925 sterling silver findings can not be included in the warranty and repair service.

Bracelet size adjustment

Customer is entitle to enjoy one time bracelet size adjustment service (12 month from the date of purchase). It often takes 2 to 5 days for the process. If your bracelet is excluded the warranty period, we will charge HK$20.00 for the adjustment service (All metal findings, toggle clasp, crystals and other findings will be replaced).