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Mini Cross Necklace for Kids and Women

Multicolor Mini Cross Pendant Necklace by Murano Glass

Item No: MMG-N-PENS-001S1

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Mini Cross Necklace

This Mini Cross Necklace come with Mini size Cross Pendant which was handmade by authentic Murano Glass in Murano, Italy. This pretty mini cross shaped pendant with typical bright multiple colors and great opaque colors. The size of mini cross pendant is suitable for kids, girls and women.

This Multicolor mini cross pendant necklace handmade with slices of small multicolor millefiori murano glass canes was fused in the shape of a mini cross. The 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Base glued on the back comes with 14", 16" or 18" inch 925 Sterling Silver Box Chain Style and 0.85mm or 0.9mm wide (Made in Italy).

This beautiful piece of multicolor mini cross necklace is a great addition to kids for the most memorable day.

(The exact color and placement of the slices of multicolor Murano Glass Millefiori pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.)

Mini Cross Pendant Necklace Size

Approximately 23mm(tall) and 18mm(width) with about 4.5mm thick. (23mm x 28mm)
Made in Italy.

Pendant Base: made of 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Necklace Options:
- 14" inch long 925 Sterling Silver (Box Chain Style) with 0.9mm width
- 16" or 18" inch long 925 Sterling Silver (Box Chain Style) with 0.85 width. 999 fine silver plated and anti-tarnish finished and made in Italy.

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  • +USD10, 1mm 925 Sterling Silver (16"/18") Round Box Chain Necklace, Made in Italy

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