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Legend Bracelet for Women by Limited Edition

008 The One - Legend Bracelet by Limited Edition

Item No:MMG-L-BRA-008S

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About Legend Bracelet

All the beads featured in the Legend Bracelet were made between 1920s and 1980s, all handmade in Murano, Italy.

Value of Antique Millefiori Bead

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Legend Bracelet by Limited Edition Series

This Legend Bracelet in our Limited Edition Series is created by Alva and Passion with its unique, original design and style, from which the powerful hidden charm of the series is fully unleashed. This amazing series is absolutely worth admirable.

Antique Millefiori Beads in this Legend Bracelet

Black, silver and rich colors are the themes used in designing this uniqueand distinguished Limited Edition Millefiori Murano Glass bracelet. Setting with 8mm natural black onyx faceted beads as the main background color.

In addition, two 925 sterling silver round beads (approximately 8mm in diameter) and accessories give a stylish finish to this bracelet.

Two medium size of Rare Vintage or Antique Aventurine Millefiori Murano Glass Oval Beads (approximately 17mm x 11mm) are placed at both sides. A Rare Vintage and Tube Curved Millefiori Murano Glass Bead (approximately 32mm x 13mm x 8mm) is placed in the center, which becomes a special highlight of this jewelry.

The different kinds of Vintage Multi-colors Millefiori Murano Glass Beads featured in this piece of jewelry shows us the combination of style and elegance, which forms an irresistible attraction. Along with handmade 925 sterling silver stamped tag by an artist - Seja from USA and Alva and Passion's signature mustache charm accented with Millefiori pattern, this limited edition bracelet is surprisingly unparalleled.

This legend bracelet size fits most women's wrists (13.8cm to 16.7cm), including one 925 sterling silver clasp set and 925 sterling silver findings. All beads are strung on a 925 sterling silver plated wire (made in USA) carefully. This treasure is unique and limited item in your collection! You will not be disappointed!

(Note that as all beads are handmade from a random selection of slices of handmade multicolor millefiori glass canes, no two designs are ever exactly alike and the slices, placement, colors are always different.)

Bracelet Size

  • One Size (3 Rare Vintage or Antique Murano Glass Beads)
    Size of bracelet: inner size range between 15.5cm and 17.5cm, which appropriates for wrist size between 13.8cm and 16.7cm.
  • (includes 925 sterling silver clasp set and all bracelet come with 2cm adjustable chain.)

Bracelet clasp options: Lobster Clasp Set or Toggle OT Clasp, made of 925 Sterling Silver.
Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Stamped Tag: approximately 18mm in diameter.

Most bracelet size for women and men

Womens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 14.2cm and 17.4cm
(Recommend bracelet size is adding extra +0.6cm to 1.0cm)
Mens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 17.0cm and 19.3cm
(Recommend bracelet size is adding extra +0.7cm to 1.2cm)

*Please note that every Millefiori Murano Glass bead is handmade by glass-maker, the exact bracelet size may have +- 0.3cm difference.

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