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Fashion Gold or Silver Round Charms Bangle Bracelet

The KISS Inspired Gold or Silver Round Charms Bangle Bracelet
*The bangle shows in photo is 4mm width for reference only.


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The KISS Inspired Cuff Bangle Bracelet

The elegant love bracelet by The Kiss Inspired Jewelry is come with one gold and silver foiled kiss murano charms and one 925 sterling silver bangle bracelet with 2 silver stoppers and attractive red heart charm placed at the center.

This stunning charms bangle bracelet created with our original design for women and ladies, the charms bangle features 2 pieces of gold or silver foil murano charm at both sides of this bangle and decorated with small red heart charm placed at the center between 2 charms for the shining highlight. Setting with silver bangle with gold and silver charms as the main background color, this bangle bracelet is elegant and full of sparkle.

This 3mm bangle is made by 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plated for anti-tarnish and strong tarnish resistance. The bangle width fits to charms with its hole size up to 4.75mm (fits to generally Pandora and Trollbead murano charm). The bangle is designed in lightweight style and easy to put on and take off. One of the end of bangle that is threaded to allow you to add charms or drops and to change them easily, as desired. To add charms, beads or other elements, your can unscrew the end ball, add the decorative element, then reattach the end cap.

The KISS Inspired Charms Collection

This is one of our art painting creation series which inspired by vaious famous painters in the history. For this The KISS inspired collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt. The Austrian symbolist painter with its unique painting arts. In order to create this collection, different sizes of murano glass with gorgeous multicolor floral pattern, gold or silver foil are the theme used in designing this extraordinary collection. Every sliced glass like a short story of life. It was foiled in one life - A wonderful Millefiori Murano Glass.

This amazing piece of KISS Inspired Murano Glass Charms is a great addition to your murano charms collection.

(The exact color and placement of the slices of multicolor Murano Glass Millefiori pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.)

KISS bangle bracelet with charm

Charms Bangle Bracelet Set inludes

  • 2 x Gold or Silver Foil Charm by The KISS Inspired Collection
  • 1 x Gold or Silver Foil Heart Charm
  • 1 x 925 Sterling Silver Bangle (3mm / 4mm)
  • 2 x Stoppers by 925 Sterling Silver (Free)

Murano Charm

KISS Charm is avaiable in Gold or Silver Foil style
It's 15.5mm to 16.5mm in diameter with about 11mm to 12mm thickness. The hole size is about 4.5mm.

Small Red Heart Charm is about 10mm in diameter with about 5mm thickness.

925 Sterling Silver Bangle

Width: avaiable in 3mm width. The inner-size of bangle is about 17.2cm with 6mm ball end cap, Made in Italy.
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plated.

For wrist size as follows

  • Solo Bangle: Inner-size is about 17.2cm, suit to wrist size between 15.9cm and 16.8cm
  • Bangle with One Charm: Inner-size is about 16.8cm, suit to wrist size between 15.5cm and 16.4cm
  • Bangle with Two Charmss: Inner-size is about 16.6cm, suit to wrist size between 15.3cm and 16.2cm
  • Bangle with Three Charm: Inner-size is about 16.4cm, suit to wrist size between 15.1cm and 16.0cm

    *The bangle shows in above photo is 4mm width for reference only.

    Optional Initial Charm Added

    The 925 Sterling Silver Initial Charm can be added to our items such as necklaces and bracelets. You can add a meaningful letter or favourite letter with all necklaces, big pendants, bracelets.