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The KISS Gold Charm Necklace

The KISS Gold Foiled Charm Necklace by Klimt the Kiss

Item No: MMG-N-MCB-NEC(K1)

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The Kiss Gold Charm Necklace

We are proud to present this series of Alva and Passion's creation, it is a The Kiss Charm series. Every piece of The Kiss Charm is made with 925 Sterling Silver Core and authentic Murano Glass in Murano, Italy.

Charm fits to Pandora's Bracelet

Our Murano Charms for bracelet fit to most pandora's or trollbeads's bracelet and bangle. We also have necklace and bracelet set for our murano charms.

About This Kiss Charm

The main background color of this KISS charm inpired collection is its gold and multicolor. In order to create this series of exceptional artistic charm, we applied the innovative glassmaking method with excellent craftsmanship. The remarkable design and multicolor are created from different slice of Murrine Canes and gold foiled is placed at the centre as a background. In addition, every the kiss charm has a unique design and pattern.

Braided Leather Necklace

This wonderful Millefiori Murano Glass item is one of our best seller comes with 3mm Braided Leather Necklace and available in many colors and sizes (set with tiny heart charm ending or optional for chain ending, please mentioned during placing order.). This beautiful piece of Artistic Handmade Glass accessory is a great addition to your collection.

The adjustable extension gives a flexibility and possibility in changing charm combinations anytime and anywhere. You can adjust the length of bracelet and suit your preference. Furthermore, the bracelet suits to any murano charms with over 4.2mm hole size. The average hole size of charm bead is 5mm.

This amazing piece of Murano Charm is a great addition to your murano charms collection.

(The exact color and placement of the slices of multicolor Murano Glass Millefiori pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.)

Size of Kiss Charm

Size of Gold Foiled Charm: Approximately 16 to 18mm in diameter with about 11 to 12mm thick.
Hole Size: It's 5mm in diameter. (Made in Murano, Italy)


Murano charm come with following 3mm width braided leather necklace (valued USD46), or add extra USD55 for 2mm Streling Silver Round Box Chain Necklace in 18inch / 20inch / 22inch / 24inch (Made in Italy)

Braided Leather Cord Necklace

The exact length of cord: About 14.5" + 2"(Small Size) or 16.5" + 2"(Medium Size) inch, all leather cord necklace made with 2" inch long 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Extension.
Color of necklace: 3mm width Braided Leather cord Necklace is available in black, brown, gold and purple color.
*(Reference Length for Necklace: 17" to 18.5" inch for men, 15" to 17" inch for women and 13.5" to 15.5" inch for kids.)

Upgrade to 1mm/2mm Sterling Silver Necklace:

Customer can add extra fee to upgrade following necklace:

  • +USD, 0.9mm Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklace (available in 14"/16"/18" inch), Made in Italy
  • +USD10, 1mm Sterling Silver Round Box Chain Necklace (available in 16"/18" inch), Made in Italy
  • +USD55, 2mm Sterling Silver Round Box Chain Necklace (available in 18"/20" inch), Made in Italy

  • Optional Initial Letter Charm Added

    The 925 Sterling Silver Initial Letter Charm can be added to our items such as necklaces and bracelets. You can add a meaningful letter or favourite letter with all necklaces, big pendants, bracelets.