Multi-color Gold Bracelet

Be Original Series - Gold Foiled Multi-color Bracelet
Item No: MMG-N-BRA-006X

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About Bracelet

We are proud to present this klimt the kiss series of bracelets for men and women created with our unique design and exceptional craftsmanship!

There are different kind of beads in transparent cobalt, light blue, red, pink and one very special gold foiled bead which available is 3 different sizes(12mm, 14mm or 16mm) and strung on a stainless steel wire. The beautiful millefiori gold foiled bead is placed in the center, which becomes a amazing highlight of this jewelry.

Gustav Klimt Inspired The KISS Jewelry

The KISS Inspired Collection

For this The KISS inspired collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt. In order to create this collection, different sizes of sliced artistic glass with gorgeous Multicolor floral pattern, gold or silver foil are the theme used in designing this extraordinary collection. Every sliced glass like a short story of life. It was foiled in one life - A wonderful Millefiori Murano Glass.

Adjustable Bracelet Length

The 2cm adjustable chain design gives a flexibility and you can adjust the length of bracelet and suit your preference.

Bracelet Size

12MM / 14MM / 16MM
Gold Foil Bead

3 Clasp Options
Bracelet Clasp Options
Size Wrist Size
Medium Size
(nine beads)

Small Size
(seven beads)
  • appropriates for wrist size between 14.7cm and 19.2cm

  • appropriates for wrist size between 12.4cm and 15.5cm
Reference Size Womens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 14.2cm and 17.4cm
Mens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 17.0cm and 19.3cm

*Please note that every Millefiori Murano Glass bead is handmade by glass-maker, the exact bracelet size may have +- 0.3cm difference.

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