Gold or Silver Heart Charm for Bracelet

Gold or Silver Foil Heart Charm by Klimt the Kiss
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Gold or Silver Foil Heart Charm

The small heart charm is featuring gold or silver foil and handmade with Murano Glass in Murano, Italy. They are available in Gold Foiled or Silver Foiled Heart Charms. This heart charm comes with 925 sterling silver clasp and the size of this heart charm is good to attach on any bracelets. Every piece of this small heart charm with its own slice of millefiori glass pattern and color combinations. You can choose this pretty accessory and attach on any jewelries, necklaces and bracelets for special meaning.

About Klimt the Kiss Collection

The main background color of this KISS charm inpired collection is its gold or silver and multicolor. In order to create this series of exceptional artistic charm, we applied the innovative glassmaking method with excellent craftsmanship. The remarkable design and multicolor are created from different slice of Murrine Canes and gold or silver foiled is placed at the centre as a background. In addition, every the kiss charm has a unique design and pattern.

About Heart Charm

The gold or silver foiled heart bead is about 13mm in diameter with about 9mm thickness (the small clasp is about 8mm height). The overall charm length is about 26mm includes clasp. This charm is made with 925 Sterling Silver findings.