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FAQ on Jewelry

Question and Anwser

In order to obtain the best shopping expenience. We setup the useful FAQ service corner for most common questions customer always ask.

Please go to the following catagories;


Can my order delivery to home?

Yes, spent over HKD1,000 and available for delivery to residential address. More information as details as follows

  • For order spent under HKD1,000,
    the delivery includes general commercial address, SF Store and EF Locker.

  • For order spent over HKD1,000,
    the delivery includes both residential and commercial address, SF Store and EF Locker.

*Please refer to above SF Store and EF Locker Location.

What is the earliest time to delivery address?

For finished payment before 3pm, the parcel can be sent out at the next working day afternoon (12:00). If complete payment after 3pm, the order will be proponed to another working day.

Generally, all parcel will be delivered in 2 working days (earliest time is 1 working day) after the day of sending out. Please noted that:

  1. The remote area will be added extra one working day on delivery. For more details, please refer to the remote area list.
  2. The courtier only delivers parcels from Monday to Friday. Please noted that we won’t send out orders on Saturday, Sunday and all public holiday.

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Can I exchange necklace size if it is too long or short?

Yes, you can exchange a longer or shorter size for your necklace. Please contact us within 14 days for assistance from the date of purchase.


Can I exchange bracelet size if it is too large or small?

Yes, you can exchange a larger or smaller size for your bracelet. Please contact us within 14 days for assistance from the date of purchase.


Can I exchange earrings if I don’t like it?

No, all earrings are not available for exchange and return by hygiene issues. You can contact us for further assistance if needed.

Exchange to another item

Can I exchange to any other items?

Yes, you can exchange for any items of equal value to the original product. Please contact us within 14 days for assistance from the date of purchase.

*we only accept the item exchange on all brand new, unused and no worn item with original label tag on the product.
**all earrings are not available for exchange and return which caused for any hygiene issues.

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Size Matter

Bracelet Size

How to recognize our medium and small size bracelet?

The medium size bracelet always made with 9 beads and small size made with 7 beads. The small size bracelet (7 beads) normally only fits for thin women’s wrist or young lady. Most women and men fit for medium size.

Can I adjust the length of bracelet by myself?

Yes, you can adjust the length of bracelet by yourself. All our beaded bracelet and leather bracelet design with original adjustable chain (2cm) and tiny clasp which at the end of our bracelet.

Bangle Size

How many bangle width options I can choose?

We have 2 width options such as 3mm and 4mm (out of stock currently) on cuff bangle bracelet. The inner wrist size of bangle is fixed to 17.2cm and one size only.

Customer can decrease the bangle inner size by adding glass charms. Please refer to following size chart by adding charms.

Bangle inner size charm
Item Inner size
Solo Cuff Bracelet is about 17.2cm, suit to wrist size between 15.9cm and 16.8cm
Cuff Bracelet with One Charm is about 16.8cm, suit to wrist size between 15.5cm and 16.4cm
Cuff Bracelet with Two Charms is about 16.6cm, suit to wrist size between 15.3cm and 16.2cm
Cuff Bracelet with Three Charm is about 16.4cm, suit to wrist size between 15.1cm and 16.0cm

Necklace size

Can I choose the size or length for necklace?

Yes, we have several sizes, styles and width on necklace from 14 inches to 24 inches, from 0.85mm width to 2.5mm width. Please refer to the necklace size options.

*Nappa Flat Cord and Braided Leather Cord Necklace design with 2-inch adjustable chain at the end of necklace.

Necklace width and style options

How many necklace width and style options I can choose?

We have many options on necklace width from 0.85mm to 2.5mm. As well as many chain styles you can choose or upgrade from our necklace options such as box chain, rounded box chain, cable chain and flat cable chain. Please refer to the necklace size options.

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Pendant Size

What is the actual size of pendants? and reference?

Yes, please refer to the following photo for comparison.

Pendant Size and Coin Comparison

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Product material

Earring sensitive issue

What material making of our earring components?

All our earring components is made of 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver is a low sensitive level material and most popular safety material using on earring components.


If you afraid of earring sensitive issue, best choices for nickel-free, hypoallergenic materials in jewelry are titanium and medical grade plastic. They are both versatile, durable and comfortable to wear.

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Aventurine on Glass

What is aventurine or aventurine glass?

Aventurine glass, based on the original Italian name avventurina (from avventura, "adventure" or "chance"). It is also sometimes called "stellaria" or "sun sitara" (sitara = "star" in Sanskrit) for its starry internal reflections, or "monk's gold" or "monkstone" from folkloric associations with an unnamed monastic order.

Curiously, "aventurine" glass is one of the few synthetic simulants to provide the eponym for the similar natural stones. The mineral name "aventurine" is used for forms of feldspar or quartz with mica inclusions that give a similar glittering appearance; the technical term for this optical phenomenon, "aventurescence", is also derived from the same source.

The glass making history of aventurine

The original manufacturing process for goldstone was invented in seventeenth-century Venice by the Miotti family, which was granted an exclusive license by the Doge. Persistent folklore describes goldstone as an accidental discovery by an unnamed Italian monastic order or medieval alchemists, but there is no pre-Miotti documentation to confirm this.