Alva and Passion is an artistic and charming jewelry brand in designing handmade necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories.

Design and Creation on Stylish Jewelry

Design Concept and Idea

Design Concept and Idea on Stylish Jewelry
Concept and Idea

The concept and origin of "Alva and Passion" intends to reflect an extraordinary, unique and tasteful design with its own attitude that would never become stereotypes. From creation to completion, the making of each product is a meticulous process. In addition to our passion for life and dedication in the design and production process, we strived to introduce elements and materials that are handmade in the creation, thereby enhancing the artistic, appreciation and collection value of our products. Our mission is to make every piece of "Alva and Passion" product become a treasure that everyone cherishes and collects.

Founder – EdH

Stylish Brand Founder
Brand Founder - EdH

EdH, the founder of "Alva and Passion”, possesses a true passion for artistic, narrative and vivid objects, he is particularly fascinated by the works with the bold use of color and pattern of Van Gogh, Romero Britto, Paul Smith and Desigual. At a young age, EdH was attached to Indian patchwork, vintage and handmade artworks passionately. Since being introduced to Millefiori Murano Glass, EdH was immediately mesmerized by its color, pattern, history and handmade craftsmanship, and eventually decided to dedicate himself into creating artistic, stylish clothing and accessories.