Alva and Passion is an artistic and charming jewelry brand in designing handmade necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories.

Our Stylish Clothing Collection

The introduction to original design clothing

Handmade Sewing Embroidery Shirt
Our signature clothing
with Handmade Sewing

Creating and making clothing and accessories regarded by our customers as collectibles and personal treasures, as well as keeping our products for ten years, or even a longer time, as collection and memorial, is one of the main reasons we design "Alva and Passion" clothing and accessories.

Additionally, we hope that whenever you need to carefully select a piece of clothing out of your closet that can create an unique expression for attending a very important meeting to you, "Alva and Passion" collection will be your perfect choice.

Every piece of "Alva and Passion" clothing and accessories involves one to three hours of the hand embroidery and sewing process, making each of them one of a kind, which is also the hard work from our heart and soul. Every single product has an exquisite design and flawless quality.


handmade sewing embroidery clothing
Made with Our Passion

Adding handmade element in our products not only enhances the value of artistic, appreciation and collection of all our clothing and accessories, but also setting our products apart from those generally produced by machine.

You never have to dispose our products in the garbage because they are out of style, in fact, our products will keep many important memories and moments of yours, always being there for you over the years of your life.

The Art of Sewing

moustache mustache embroidery shirt
Our Signature Sewing
  • Sewing makes our clothing and accessories unique, giving an extraordinary inspiration and meaning to every piece of our brand's clothing and accessories.
  • Sewing: Stitch by stitch, our brand and its founder's passion for life is added into each of our product.
  • Sewing: for customers who possess our products, regarding our products as an artwork or personal treasure, to preserve and keep them for a long time, ten years, twenty years or even longer.
  • The sewing on our clothing and accessories are meant to accompany you through your long and unforgettable life journey, preserving your footprints and memories in everyday life. Our products will become your life partner providing continuous support.

Buttons and Signature Sewing

handmade stylish embroidery clothing
Featuring two colour cross stitch button and sewing

Button with sewing lines is a very important element in designing clothing and accessories by our brand. Thoughtful concept and unique selection represent our sincerity and hard work dedicated to all the products of our brand "Alva and Passion".

Whether it is the selection and usage of button material, colour and style, or the sewing method on a button and colour matching, we strive to make every effort to do our best, reaching perfection, in order to create our unique logo styles and original designs.