Alva and Passion is an artistic and charming jewelry brand in designing handmade necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories.

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Alva and Passion - Charming Jewlery Brand

Mustache Icon Brand
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Alva and Passion

"Alva and Passion" is our flagship brand that specializes in designing products with unique character and spectacular color, assuring that our products are worth cherishing and the most artistic.

When a piece of "Alva and Passion" product is worn, it allows wearers to define one’s unique style and individuality. Together, the brand’s signature logo charm designed in moustache shape embodies the brand’s attitude of uniqueness.

Our Philosophy

Life is a never ending journey of creation! With our abiding passion, we make wonders to our design, imagination, creation and life. We are excited and proud of the uniqueness and inspirational design of "Alva and Passion" products. From creation to completion, we poured our heart and soul into making each collection, striving to combine different innovative elements into "Alva and Passion" products, from which the “Handmade” technique is added especially in order to enhance each product’s great appreciation and collection value.

Our mission is to make every piece of product become a treasure that everyone cherishes and collects. Every product has its astonishing beauty, unique design and fabulous colors, when you go out wearing an "Alva and Passion" product, you will catch the eye of others, making yourself a star.

By purchasing our products or making them as gift ideas for your beloved or the one you care, you are sharing your affection and the passion of "Alva and Passion" with them.