Black Onyx Bracelet by Limited Edition

Limited Edition 007 - Aventurine Oval Millefiori Black Onyx Bracelet
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About Legend Bracelet

All the beads featured in the Legend Bracelet were made between 1920s and 1980s, all handmade in Murano, Italy.

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Description About LEGEND Collection Value of Vintage Millefiori Bead

Legend Bracelet by Limited Edition Series

Our Legend Bracelet is The 1st Limited Edition of Antique and Vintage Millefiori Bead Bracelet of the world. The Legend Bracelet is our Limited Edition series is created with its unique, original design and style, This amazing series is absolutely worth admirable. Most of beads featured in the legend bracelet - limited edition series were made between 1960s and 1980s. Some rare and special venetian millefiori beads were made between 1920s and 1960s, all handmade in Murano, Italy.

Sold over 100 pieces treasure of this limited edition since 2016.

Different size of vintage millefiori small oval beads are placed at both sides. A rare antique millefiori aventurine oval bead is placed in the center, which becomes a special highlight and theme of this legend black onyx bracelet.

Adjustable Bracelet Length

The 2cm adjustable chain design gives a flexibility and you can adjust the length of bracelet and suit your preference.

Bracelet Size

Size Wrist Size
3 Clasp Options
Bracelet Clasp Options
Medium Size
(five beads)
  • appropriates for wrist size between 14.3cm and 17.5cm
Small Size
(three beads)
  • appropriates for wrist size between 12.5cm and 15.5cm
Reference Size Womens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 14.2cm and 17.4cm
Mens wrist (most common size in US and Europe) between 17.0cm and 19.3cm

*Please note that every Millefiori Murano Glass bead is handmade by glass-maker, the exact bracelet size may have +- 0.3cm difference.

Handstamped 925 Sterling Tag
925 Sterling Tag

925 Sterling Silver Tag

The round tag is approximately 18mm in diameter, handstamped from USA.

We invited a handstamped artist - Seja from USA to creating a stamped 925 Sterling Silver Tag with our design in the limited edition legend bracelet series, thereby enhancing the appreciation and collection value of our products, this limited edition bracelet is surprisingly unparalleled.

About Vintage and Antique Millefiori Bead

The design and craftsmanship of antique Millefiori Murano Glass Beads come at a price. Antique Millefiori Murano Beads are more valuable than those being made today. By looking at the uniqueness of the beads, one can tell the difference: each genuine bead is unique and special. They are unique and a treasure in venetian glass history.

We can only collect less than 150 rare and special vintage or antique millefiori beads around the world, there are only 20% to 30% (30 to 45 beads) can be selected in designing our limited edition bracelet series, adding a touch of life and special meaning to them that unleashes the hidden charm of Antique Millefiori Murano Glass with precious historical value.

*The exact color and placement of the slices of glass pattern are completely random with no two ever exactly alike. They are unique in their own designed pattern and color combinations.

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