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Legend Bracelet Collection

Limited Edition with Vintage and Antique Millefiori Glass

Legend Bracelet by Limited Edition
Limited Edition

Most of beads featured in the limited edition - Antique Millefiori Glass series were made between 1960s and 1980s. Some rare and special venetian millefiori beads were made between 1920s and 1960s, all handmade in Murano, Italy.

All limited edition series are limited and part of items are one available only. They are unique and a treasure in venetian glass history.

In order to create this series of Limited Edition Millefiori Murano Glass jewelry, we applied our unique design concept and approach, from creation to completion, we also poured our heart and soul into making each product, adding a touch of life and special meaning to them that unleashes the hidden charm of Antique Millefiori Murano Glass with precious historical value.

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The Elegance with 925 Sterling Silver Findings

limtied edition legend bracelet
The theme of design - black, silver and rich colors

The limited edition Antique Millefiori Murano Glass series is created by Alva and Passion with its unique, original design and style, from which the powerful hidden charm of the series is fully unleashed. This amazing series is absolutely worth admirable.

Black, silver and rich colors are the themes used in designing this extraordinary and distinguished Limited Edition millefiori bracelet. In addition, 925 sterling silver findings and accessories give a stylish finish to this bracelet. The different kinds of Rare and Antique or Vintage Multicolors Millefiori Beads featured in this piece of jewelry shows us the combination of style and elegance, perfectly expressing their versatile colors as well as elegance.

Vintage and Antique Millefiori Glass Beads

Vintage and Antique Millefiori Bead
Rare and Antique Treasure
Millefiori Murano Glass Beads

We can only collect less than 150 rare and special millefiori beads around the world, there are only 30% to 40% (50 to 60 beads) can be selected in designing our limited edition bracelet series.

The design and craftsmanship of Murano Millefiori Beads come at a price. Antique or Vintage Murano Millefiori Beads are more valuable than those being made today. Ancient beads are not perfect and each design is unique. By looking at the uniqueness of the beads, one can tell the difference: each genuine bead is unique and special. Ancient Murano Millefiori Beads are improbable to appear like brand new. Antique Millefiori Beads were all made out of multi-colors glass. Made from canes or rods known as Murrini, the beads have floral patterns on the interior side, which means that all ancient Millefiori Beads are one-of-a-kind.

Handstamped 925 Sterling Silver Tag

925 Sterling Silver Handmade Tag
Handstamped Silver Tag

We invited a handstamped artist - "Seja" from USA to creating a stamped 925 Sterling Silver Tag with our design in the limited edition bracelet series, thereby enhancing the appreciation and collection value of our products. The tag as a certicate.

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