About Alva and Passion

Mustache Icon Brand

Charming Jewlery Brand

Alva and Passion is our brand that specializes in designing products with unique character and spectacular color, assuring that our jewelrys are worth cherishing and the most artistic.

When a piece of "Alva and Passion" product is worn, it allows wearers to define one’s unique style and individuality. Together, the brand’s signature logo charm designed in moustache shape embodies the brand’s attitude of uniqueness.

Brand Story of Alva and Passion
Original Design

Brand Story

The brand Alva and Passion was launched by the founder EdH for his passion in sophisticated and elegant cufflinks in 2009. Inspired by the exquisite design cufflinks, the founder acquired extensive knowledge about different kinds of material, especially the amazing Millefiori Murano Glass.

Since 2009, he began to design and make his first Alva and Passion products, Millefiori Murano Glass Button Cover with was first created.

In the summer of 2013, over four years of creativity and artistic flair, the brand Alva and Passion was born and its exceptional story begins.

Design Concept and Idea

Design Concept and Idea on Stylish Jewelry

The concept and origin of Alva and Passion intends to reflect an extraordinary, unique and tasteful design with its own attitude that would never become stereotypes.

From creation to completion, the making of each product is a meticulous process. In addition to introduce elements and materials that are handmade in the creation, thereby enhancing the artistic, appreciation and collection value of our products.

Our mission is to make every piece of "Alva and Passion" product become a treasure that everyone cherishes and collects.

Meaning Behind Alva and Passion

  • "Alva" Alva ['ælvə] is a Latin form derived from the Hebrew name. A beautiful name of a charming and attractive girl with independent and intellectual character.
  • "and" means a knot, for linking people and passion together.
  • "Passion" refers to devotion and enthusiasm, an attitude expressing passion for life and lifestyle.