Alva and Passion is an artistic and charming jewelry brand in designing handmade necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories.

About Alva and Passion

Hello to All! “Alva and Passion” is a brand that designs stylish clothing and artistic accessories for charming men and women.

Our Brand

"Alva and Passion" is our flagship brand that specializes in designing products with unique character and spectacular colour, assuring that our products are worth cherishing and the most artistic...

Our Brand

The Brand Story

The brand “Alva and Passion” was launched by the founder and designer Mr. EdH for his passion in sophisticated and elegant cufflinks. It all began with a pair of broken British cufflinks that fell and hit the floor back in 2008...

The Story of Alva and Passion

Design and Creation

The concept and origin of "Alva and Passion" intends to reflect an extraordinary, unique and tasteful design with its own attitude that would never become stereotypes. From creation to completion...

The concept and idea