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Moustache Icon Handmade Sewing 15 OZ Canvas Tote Bag

Alva and Passion Moustache Icon 15 oz Canvas Tote Bag

Item No: MUS-N-TBG-001

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About This Item

Our another signature and original product was designed by "Alva and Passion".

We are proud to present another piece of our original design product, it is a unique 3/4 Moustache with Alva and Passion icon 15 oz canvas tote bag.

"3/4 Moustache" is one of our brand’s signature logo designs, we colour the mustache icon in black, with a small white brand logo placed on top of the black 3/4 Moustache.

This stylish moustache icon canvas tote bag is made of 15 oz canvas fabric, with a 25” long deep blue cotton web handles. Canvas tote bag has the colour of natural cotton (natural beige) and measures 18” W x 14.5" H X 3" D. Made in the USA.

It has an inner pocket which measures 9” x 9”. Using a particular printing method, a label with our brand logo is printed on the inner pocket. Apart from typical sewn labels, a unique made-in-France label in silver black featuring Alva and Passion with moustache icon is sewn into the side seam of the lining of the canvas tote bag. A colourful and beautiful coconut shell button is hand sewn along the top edge of the canvas tote bag. Around the sides of the coconut shell button are embroidered with the imitation of a leather buckle design using a blue embroidery thread. The exceptional design makes this Alva and Passion moustache icon canvas tote bag very unique, and that carries out our brand’s “handmade”, “sewing” and “unique and tasteful” style.

Size of Tote Bag: 18"(W) x 14.5"(H) x 3"(G)
Pocket inside: 9"(W) x 9"(H)
Made in USA